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Ximena M. Garcia: Medicaid expansion wisest use of taxpayer dollars

By Ximena Garcia | Nov. 27, 2019 “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face!” is a silly adage no one would ever think to intentionally do. But that will happen to us Kansans if our elected officials don’t adopt straight Medicaid expansion. Straight expansion means increasing the eligibility for Medicaid (health insurance for […]

Medicaid expansion saves lives

By Sheldon Weisgrau | Dec. 2, 2019 As we dive into the details of various Medicaid expansion proposals and advocate for the best possible plan for patients, it’s easy to lose sight of the basics. In addition to the economic benefits to the state, improved financial stability for families and enhanced prospects for rural hospitals, […]

Statement from the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas Coalition

Coalition members have their own perspectives on expansion policy but together we agree that Kansas should insure as many of our citizens as possible as quickly as possible. Therefore, we stand in support of policies that ensure that KanCare expansion begins no later than Jan. 1, 2021, without barriers or delays.

Expansion delays put caregivers at risk

By the American Heart Association | Nov. 18, 2019 Melissa Dodge isn’t used to putting herself front and center. She is far more comfortable advocating for the American Heart Association on behalf of her daughter, Brooklynn, who was born with half a heart. But when you ask Melissa what she fears most, it’s not being […]

Bloomberg Law: Kansas Republican Navigates Political Minefield to Grow Medicaid

By Christopher Brown | Nov. 8, 2019 A newly released Kansas plan to give more people Medicaid is an example of the tricky balancing act needed in states that have resisted expanding the low-income health program so far. The good news, supporters of growing Medicaid say, is that a powerful Kansas state senator who has […]

Testimony for the Special Committee on Medicaid Expansion

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to provide testimony regarding the Senate Medicaid Expansion Proposal as well as data regarding the people who are currently in the health insurance coverage gap. My name is April Holman and I am the Executive Director of the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas. The Alliance is a broad-based […]

Kansas cannot afford not to expand Medicaid

By Tim DeWeese | Nov. 7, 2019 Last week the Kansas Senate leadership unveiled its proposed legislation on Medicaid expansion in response to the Kansas House of Representatives bill that passed last session. Regardless of how the Senate and House compromise to formulate a comprehensive approach to expand Medicaid and improve access to health care, […]

Pittsburg Morning Sun: Kansas Medicaid expansion debate begins ahead of 2020 legislative session

By Jonathan Riley | Oct. 31, 2019 PITTSBURG — Although the start of the upcoming Kansas legislative session is still more than two months away, discussion of an issue that is sure to receive considerable debate once it is underway — Medicaid expansion — has already begun. Last week, a Kansas Senate committee endorsed a […]