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KSN: Governor Kelly says Medicaid expansion would help during this pandemic

By Korinne Griffith | April 7, 2020 TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Governor Laura Kelly said Monday that Medicaid expansion would be a great help to the state of Kansas during the coronavirus pandemic. Kansas lawmakers have been squabbling over Medicaid expansion for years. Governor Kelly says that if Medicaid expansion had been in place years […]

Hutchinson News: Top legislative priority must be Medicaid expansion

By the Editorial Board | April 1, 2020 When the Kansas Legislature comes back to Topeka, they’ll undoubtedly take up the topic of aid to citizens impacted by our current circumstances. Expanding Medicaid is a critical need they must address, and every Republican leader who has stood in the way of passing the bill should […]

Kansas City Star: Kansas and Missouri didn’t expand Medicaid. Could that worsen the COVID-19 pandemic?

By Bryan Lowry, Jason Hancock and Jonathan Shorman | March 29, 2020 As the single mother of a daughter with a congenital heart defect and compromised immune system, Melissa Dodge is taking every precaution she can to limit her exposure to COVID-19. She’s cut her hours at the grocery store where she works in Derby, […]

MarketWatch: How much does coronavirus treatment cost?

By Leslie Albrecht | March 25, 2020 Getting tested for the novel coronavirus is now free, but being treated for the respiratory illness could cost up to $20,000, a recent analysis by Peterson-Kaiser Family Foundation Health System Tracker found. People with health insurance through their employer could pay more than $1,300 in out-of-pocket costs if […]

Medicaid can help as America faces the coronavirus crisis — let it

By Cindy Mann and Emily Stewart | March 24, 2020 Uncertainty and fear among the American public continues from coast to coast over the worsening impact of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. People are hurting. According to a new poll, one in five U.S. households has faced a layoff or cut in work hours because of […]

Kaiser Health News: Coronavirus Threatens The Lives Of Rural Hospitals Already Stretched To Breaking Point

By Lauren Weber | March 21, 2020 Rural hospitals may not be able to keep their doors open as the coronavirus pandemic saps their cash, their CEOs warn, just as communities most need them. As the coronavirus sweeps across the United States, all hospitals are facing cancellations of doctor visits and procedures by a terrified […]

Wichita Eagle: In Kansas, coronavirus forces pause to abortion, Medicaid standoff

By Jonathan Shorman | March 19, 2020 Less than two weeks ago, Medicaid expansion supporters were led away by police after staging protests outside the Kansas Senate. Some Senate Republicans were blockading the proposal until the House approved an anti-abortion amendment to the state constitution. There was no end to the standoff in sight. Today, […]

A traditional understanding of morals

By Pastor Charles McKinzie | March 17, 2020 As a pastor in the United Methodist Church, I spend quite a bit of time in scripture. Usually I’m trying to understand “deep truths” found therein and discern how we are to respond in our modern world. One question that continues to keep me perplexed in my […]