KanCare Expansion is good for Kansas

Today there are tens of thousands of Kansans who fall into the health insurance coverage gap. In fact, KanCare expansion could help 150,000 people receive health coverage. These are hardworking men and women in Kansas who make too much to qualify for the state’s Medicaid program, KanCare, but too little to qualify for financial assistance for private insurance. This leaves them stuck with few or no options for affordable health coverage.
KanCare expansion is a commonsense policy that will reduce health care costs for everyone, protect Kansans from medical debt, fix current KanCare eligibility limits (which are too low), and preserve and strengthen rural health care.

All of our surrounding states have expanded their Medicaid programs, leaving Kansas behind. It’s time for Kansas to expand KanCare.

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Kansas stories: tammi

Since Tammi can't see to drive, she is unable to work. She wants to get her eyes fixed so she can get back to work and finish paying off her house. She needs health insurance to help pay for her care [...]

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Kansas Stories: Jaime

“My name is Jaime, and I am the father and provider of my home. I have three children and I live with my wife in Kansas City, Kansas. We are a united family and take great care of each other. Family [...]

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Kansas Stories: Jim

Jim is from Wichita and he’s uninsured right now. He did have insurance a while ago as a seasonal employee, but he’s since lost it after that job ended. Getting health insurance is simply out of h [...]

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Kansas Stories: Chandra

Chandra is from Wichita. She is a mom and a poet, and is currently working on her second poetry collection. Chandra's KanCare expansion story is about her mom, Jo Anne. Jo Anne never really had acces [...]

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Kansas dollars lost while we wait for expansion: