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new poll confirms widespread support for medicaid expansion in kansas

A new poll released by the Sunflower Foundation re-affirms previous polls over the last several years that Kansans widely support Medicaid expansion, and highlights that most Kansans value the economic benefits that expansion brings.

Love Thy Neighbor

Join the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas and other faith-based advocates for a series of “Love Thy Neighbor” themed events for Medicaid expansion this legislative session. See below for more information about how you can participate and get involved. Promotion materials are available for use at the bottom of this web page.

gov. kelly talks medicaid expansion, childcare at emporia roundtable

Gov. Laura Kelly discussed the urgent need for Medicaid expansion, shedding light on the challenges faced by the childcare industry and the broader impact on the state’s workforce and economy during a stop in Emporia on Tuesday morning.

Hospitals need expanded medicaid

Gov. Laura Kelly visited Winfield recently to advocate Medicaid expansion. Our hospital CEO, a small business owner, and a teacher all cited the benefits of allowing hard-working Kansans in low-wage jobs to obtain medical insurance coverage.

Kansas health care coverage lags behind national average for second year

rachel mipro | Kansas reflector September 14, 2023 TOPEKA, Kan. (Kansas Reflector) – Kansas has fallen behind national health insurance trends for the second year in a row, with thousands of state residents falling into a health care coverage gap. Kansas had a higher uninsurance rate than the national average for two consecutive years now, […]

More than 50% of rural hospitals at risk of closing, Kansas governor says there’s simple solution

Expanding Medicaid wouldn’t just help regular people, CEO of William Newton Hospital in Winfield Brian Barta said. Barta said it would also take pressure off hospital systems to come up with costs if a person can’t pay for services and don’t have insurance.

“The cost of us providing care for uninsured and underinsured individuals is about 2 and a half million dollars, and that’s our cost just to break even. So, expanding the coverage to individuals, it’s not going to solve our problems but it’s going to help reduce that burden,” he said.

Opinion: Kan. is on the precipice of change in the mental health arena

Earlier this year, Mental Health America placed Kansas 51st in the nation (including DC) in terms of overall mental health. While Kansas’s 51st ranking isn’t about Medicaid expansion, it’s about Medicaid expansion. Kansas is one of only 10 states in the nation that has not expanded Medicaid.

Georgia launches Medicaid Expansion in closely watched test of work requirements

Georgia is offering a new bargain to some adults without health insurance beginning Saturday: Go to work or school and the state will cover you. But advocates decry the plan, which will insure far fewer people than a full expansion of the state-federal Medicaid program, as needlessly restrictive and expensive.

The program is likely to be closely watched as Republicans in Congress push to let states require work from some current Medicaid enrollees. Georgia would be the only state that requires Medicaid recipients to meet a work requirement.