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Wichita Eagle: Abortion politics kills Kansas Medicaid expansion for the year

By Dion Lefler | May 21, 2020 The Kansas Senate has slammed the door on expansion of Medicaid until next year. Stymied for months, Senate Democrats attempted a last-ditch effort to bring Medicaid to a vote on the final day of this year’s session Thursday. But they lost a pivotal procedural vote on a floor […]

100 organizations join together to urge action on Medicaid expansion

In the face of a pandemic and state of emergency caused by the rapid spread of coronavirus COVID-19, the undersigned organizations, business leaders and associations urge you to close the coverage gap and increase access to health insurance by expanding Medicaid.

Hutchinson News: Medicaid expansion must be in recovery

By Debra Teufel | May 20, 2020 There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all our lives. We’ve had to radically shift our professional and personal lives to help flatten the curve. It’s a great sacrifice but important to our community health. The Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce and our peers across Kansas […]

Let’s accept the gift of Medicaid expansion

By April Holman | May 13, 2020 My first six years after law school were spent working for the Kansas Legislative Research Department. I couldn’t have asked for a greater group of people to work with or for a more exciting environment. The first year was at the very end of the era of plenty. […]

David Jordan and John Wilson: As crisis hits Kansas, existing federal funds can help families

By David Jordan and John Wilson | May 10, 2020 Kansas faces unprecedented challenges as the new coronavirus sweeps through our state, sickening many and upending the economy for many others. As leaders of two groups that focus on the needs of our state’s children and families, we’re gravely concerned about the toll on our […]

Working together … while apart

By Lauren Beatty | April 22, 2020 Our work here at the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas is collaborative in nature. We’re just a small staff of four people, but with valuable input and support from our 80+ Coalition partners, we are able to better advocate for policies that ensure all Kansans are able to […]

The Hill: States blocking 4.4 million from gaining Medicaid coverage

By David Jordan | April 14, 2020 Earlier this month, President Trump proclaimed that it’s not fair 30 million Americans are uninsured, acknowledging this puts them at a disadvantage, especially as COVID-19 spreads. He suggested we should expand health coverage to the uninsured. The majority of Americans agree with the president on this topic. Due […]

Thanking the health care heroes

By April Holman | April 10, 2020 It’s a beautiful spring morning in Topeka. The sun is shining through the window of my makeshift home office, and the neighborhood is alive with the sound of singing birds, barking dogs and the conversation of the occasional family passing by on a walk. A person could almost […]