Kansas Stories: Sierra

Sierra Shore is from Larned. She works part-time as a CNA but she is uninsured. She tried to get insurance through Medicaid, but as a single adult with no children, she doesn’t meet the requirements. When she found out she didn’t qualify, Sierra felt a lot of stress.

Sierra suffers from Factor 5, a condition that causes blood clots in her legs, and Lupus. She also gets chest pain and pulmonary embolisms because of the clots. She needs blood thinners to help her manage these illnesses. Luckily, she has a year supply of her medicine through the drug’s manufacturer, but she can’t get the other medications she needs because they are unaffordable without insurance.

Sierra’s doctor ordered her to take a break from work for about two and a half months. She has now gone back to work, but this worries her because the job can cause more blood clots. She wanted to get back to work because her medical bills have gotten out of control with her hospital visits. Sierra tries to avoid going to the hospital, but if she gets a clot, she has no choice. She owes $32,000 for the treatments she’s received.

Sierra is angry and stressed that she can’t get access to insurance. She knows it would relieve her of the worry she has about the treatments she needs. Sierra wants health insurance access for everyone in Kansas. Expanding income eligibility would help people like Sierra treat their chronic illnesses and remain in the workforce.

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