Kansas Stories: Julio Garcia

Julio Garcia lives in Lawrence. He is a single adult residing at the Lawrence Community Shelter. He arrived in Kansas a few years ago, bringing with him an insurance plan that covered his health costs. He lost his insurance after arriving in Kansas, and he has been uninsured ever since.

Julio recently finished his last treatment for leukemia, a diagnosis that came as a terrifying shock to him. He continues to struggle with anemia, cirrhosis, and hepatitis C. Julio receives his treatments through the Lawrence Memorial Hospital, and the clinic there is his primary care facility.

Julio is currently unemployed, though he really wants to go back to work. Unfortunately, he can’t get clearance for his job until the release from his doctor is in effect for at least 60 days. He currently volunteers his time across the Lawrence community to help others, the only way he can work.

Julio believes everyone should have access to health insurance. If he had insurance, he would “feel more a citizen” and that he “fit in society.” KanCare expansion would help more Kansans like Julio get and keep health care coverage—so in turn they can remain in the workforce and lead healthy, productive lives.

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