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KanCare Expansion: Why It Matters to Nurses

By Kelly Sommers As a registered nurse who has worked primarily in Shawnee County visiting patients in the home, I have seen firsthand the difficulty that Kansas citizens face every day regarding access to health care, especially primary care, due to lack of insurance. If they seek health care, it is through hospital emergency rooms. […]

KanCare Expansion: Why It Matters for Mental Health Care

By Cherie Bledsoe and Brenda Adams SIDE Inc., our peer-led support organization, is located in Kansas City, Kansas. In Wyandotte County, we are in the center of our downtown. We serve a membership of individuals with mental health and substance abuse disorders. We have employees that provide peer support. Our organization has been committed to […]

KanCare Expansion: Why It Matters for Blood Cancer Survivors

By Dana Bacon Though the legislative session doesn’t begin until January, we already know its tone will be set by a central question: “How best to cover more Kansans by expanding access to the KanCare program?” For the blood cancer survivors that the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society seeks to help, and for others facing serious […]

KanCare Expansion: Why It Matters for Kansas Kids

By Heather Braum Kansas Action for Children’s vision is to make Kansas the best state to raise — and be — a child, and our organization shapes health, education, and economic policies that improve the lives of Kansas children and families. We support expanding KanCare coverage because it will improve the health and well-being of […]

KanCare Expansion: Why It Matters to Voters

By Danny Novo Imagine if Medicaid expansion had become law in Kansas the first time it passed. In 2014, fearful for his chances of re-election, Gov. Sam Brownback signed a bill that prevented any future governor from expanding Medicaid without the Legislature’s approval. Despite that, in 2017, both chambers of the Kansas Legislature voted to […]

KanCare Expansion: Why It Matters for Our Health Care System

By Tom Bell The facts supporting Medicaid expansion in Kansas have been made over and over again. Medicaid expansion improves the health of Kansans, it protects our local communities and hospitals, and it creates jobs and stimulates the economy. While the substantive arguments in favor of expansion are not the focus here, they are nonetheless […]

KanCare Expansion: Why It Matters for Women’s Health

By Erica Terry Our state and region is at a pivotal moment in history that forces all of us to ask the question – how do we address public health? The global pandemic has changed everything – from how we deliver health care, how we do business, and how we interact with others. The pandemic […]

KanCare Expansion: Why It Matters to Moms, Dads and Babies

By Brenda Bandy It’s been another long night. The baby’s been crying and no one has slept much. When was the last time he needed a diaper change? Why does nursing hurt so much? He just doesn’t settle after nursing for what seems like hours. Is this normal? Is he getting enough? A quick call […]