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Chanute Tribune: NMRMC Chief: Medicaid expansion a pressing matter for Kansans, local economy

By: Matt Resnick, Chanute Tribune | November 22, 2022 The Kansas legislature’s failure to act on Medicaid expansion is costing Neosho County citizens dearly, according to Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center CEO Dennis Franks. Kansas is currently one of only 12 states to have yet to implement expanded Medicaid coverage, with South Dakota soon to […]

Kansas Health Institute: Kansas Uninsured Rate Now Higher Than the United States

By: Kansas Health Institute | September 15, 2022 The U.S. Census Bureau today released its latest estimates of health insurance coverage in Kansas and across the United States. Amid state and federal policy decisions to promote access to health insurance coverage during the pandemic, the national uninsured rate fell to the lowest level since the […]

Topeka Capital-Journal: Medicaid expansion in Kansas would improve the lives of many of our neighbors. Here’s how.

By: Kathy Lobb | August 26, 2022 Below is an Op-Ed originally published in The Topeka Capital-Journal: As a statewide group of people with disabilities, the Self Advocate Coalition of Kansas would like to set the record straight to dispel the myth that expanding Medicaid would be harmful to us. We know from experience this […]

The Fayetteville Observer: Former UNC Coach Roy Williams and fellow coach: Expand Medicaid in NC

By: Roy Williams and Lon Kruger | July 1, 2022 Below is an excerpt from an Op-Ed originally published in The Fayetteville Observer: Hundreds of talented players, thousands of championship games, and countless miles traveled. Collectively, as college basketball coaches we’ve had the privilege to encounter many different people from many different walks of life, […]

Kansas City Star: Casting stones Kansas and Missouri? Take a look at a page or two from the Bible

By: Charles Hammer, Columnist, Kansas City Star | June 15, 2022 Below is an excerpt from this column: They told him the woman had been caught in the act of adultery, demanding under biblical law that she be stoned to death. Quite a political dilemma, since these Pharisees hoped he would breach the law and […]

Wichita Eagle Commentary: Expanding KanCare would strengthen rural health care, rural communities

By: David Jordan, president and CEO of United Methodist Health Ministry Fund | March 9, 2022 Kansas is a rural state with nearly one-third of the population living in rural communities. As Kansans we take pride in self-reliance and taking care of our own. Yet Kansans living in rural and frontier areas are more likely […]

KanCare Expansion: Why It Matters for Public Health

By Sara Millburn If you hired a construction company to build a new house, how would you feel if the builders decided to “cut costs” by pouring a foundation for only 3 sides of the house? In the long run, would you actually be saving money? What would be the impact on the side of […]

KanCare Expansion: Why It Matters for Health Clinics

By Wael S. Mourad, MD, MHCM, FAAFP As the state of Missouri has resolved to move toward Medicaid expansion, it will join a club that comprises roughly two-thirds of the United States that has opted for a similar direction for its citizens. Passing expansion in the state of Kansas will be a challenge but it’s […]