Kansas stories: Dr. David Mouillé

January 2024
Dr. David Mouillé

Dr. David Mouillé is a retired forensic psychologist from Bonner Springs. He’s spent his career working within the Kansas criminal justice system and helping patients who have behavioral health needs. In the course of his job, Dr. Mouillé has written reports for parole boards; assessed people for admission to substance abuse clinics; and performed court ordered examinations in civil, criminal, and family court matters. He has also chaired ethics committees and presented continuing education programs for psychologists and attorneys. He is also a strong advocate for Medicaid expansion.

“In its current form, Medicaid does not adequately address the problems of needy Kansans and does not protect healthy Kansans,” he recently wrote in a letter to the Kansas Legislature. “Now is the last chance our elected officials have to follow a moral compass, to speak to the needs of our people, and to respond to the voice of our electorate.”

During his career, Dr. Mouillé has seen many Kansans who experienced traumatic life events because of the coverage gap. Those with behavioral health or substance use disorders face so many obstacles receiving adequate care. And the long-term consequences on those individuals, their families, and their communities is a warning siren for the need for Medicaid expansion.

“Discussions about [Medicaid expansion] have touted other benefits for people with stable lives, benefits such as reduced medical costs, broadened tax base, enlarged number of job opportunities, and expanded business opportunities,” Dr. Mouillé wrote. “My professional experience has sensitized me to yet something else. I am of the opinion that, when this bill becomes law, all Kansans will be living in a safer world.”

Dr. Mouillé has worked firsthand with individuals in the coverage gap, and his resolve is strong: Medicaid expansion will make Kansas a better place to live. Poll after poll shows that about 70% of Kansans agree.

“Expand Medicaid. If our legislators come to a consensus now, team politics will be avoided, cooperation among institutions and professions will be enhanced, and Kansans will have safer communities,” he wrote. “Turn the Governor’s bill into law. Do not betray the people of Kansas.”