Kansas Stories: Vincent

“When I was working I had United Healthcare, then I got sick and lost my insurance. I inherited diabetes and heart disease from my family and after the age of 50 I really started going downhill.

“It became really hard to work until I finally had surgery on my pancreas and 11 kidney stones. I was in the hospital for [more than] a month…While in the hospital, I applied for Medicaid and disability but was denied.

“I had to go to Southwest Boulevard for my care because they charged on a sliding scale fee and then I switched to Duchesne. I can get vouchers to get specialty care if I’m really in a bind but it’s hard to get the care I need for things. I feel like doctors treat me different when I come in with a voucher. Fortunately, I can get my medication through Duchesne clinic.

“I had another flare up in May of 2020 and needed pancreas surgery again, then COVID hit.

“I was unable to work and haven’t been able to get unemployment because the Kansas Department of Labor is behind on their applications. I live in public housing but haven’t been able to pay my rent and worry I’m going to be kicked out. I’m in the process of applying for disability but keep getting denied.

“If I had insurance I would try to get healthy and go back to work.”

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