Kansas Stories: Justin

Justin lives in Topeka with his father. He’s uninsured, and as a single, childless adult doesn’t qualify for Medicaid in Kansas. He has applied for disability coverage but it has not been approved.

Justin has a rare autoimmune disorder that went undiagnosed for 17 years. He is six months overdue for his checkups because he can’t afford a doctor’s visit without insurance. He is in need of CAT scans because his autoimmune disorder causes lung tumors. He is also experiencing lingering effects from a car accident he was in.

Being uninsured is concerning for Justin. He often talks with financial departments when figuring out his treatments. He hopes that soon he’ll be able to get the life-saving treatments that he needs.

He believes that there shouldn’t be so many restrictions for people to get health insurance. He knows that Kansans need access to insurance to help them treat and care for health issues. Justin hopes that changes will be made soon so people like him can have access to health insurance and health care.

“There shouldn’t be any regulations on anything other than the person has a disease.”

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