Kansas Stories: Josh

Josh* is from Miami County in southeast Kansas. He recently changed jobs and he’s excited to be working in home remodeling. Unfortunately for Josh, he is uninsured.

Josh previously worked at a warehouse, and his employer offered insurance, but it was far too expensive. He’s gone without insurance since he aged out of the Medicaid program. He struggles with accessing dental care, but he has to put off other aspects of health care too because he doesn’t have insurance.

He believes that everyone should have access to health care, especially if something bad were to happen. Whenever he does get sick, he typically has to “wait it out.” If he had insurance he wouldn’t be as worried about his health and the work he does. Some of Josh’s work requires heavy machinery and he is extremely cautious when working. He doesn’t want to risk his health and end up with an injury that would cost a lot.

He knows that “everyone doesn’t always have it easy” and he wants others to be aware of this gap in health insurance coverage. He hopes that by sharing his story our lawmakers will understand what’s happening to Kansans just like him.

(*Josh is using a pseudonym to protect his identity.)

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