Kansas Stories: Chrisie Stonequist

Chrisie Stonequist is from Wellsville, KS. She is a mom of two and is a grandma. She’s currently unemployed after losing her job due to her health condition. She has no health insurance because it’s not affordable and most of the time she loses her job before she gets her benefits.

Chrisie struggles with her mental health. She suffers from Bipolar PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Without insurance she struggles to get the medications she needs or see doctors for treatment.

Chrisie also has severe precancerous cells, has dealt with an abscess tooth, and appendicitis. Without insurance she either has to pay out of pocket or go without treatment. Often she can’t afford to see doctors and she has to put off treatment.

Chrisie says that “it would be a lot of stress off my shoulders” if she had health insurance. She wouldn’t have to worry about what she’s going to do about her health and she wouldn’t have to wait until something gets so bad that she has to go to the hospital. “Without health insurance I cannot get the help that I need to do what I need to do to take care of myself. I can’t work because I can’t get my medications on time. If I had insurance I could go to the doctor.” She knows that mental health is important and having insurance is a big part of getting the help she needs.

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