Step 4 Frequently asked questions

what should my letter to the editor say?

We recommend a simple Letter to the Editor that says the following:

To the Editor — I support KanCare expansion because [1 to 2 sentences why]. The people of Kansas want KanCare expansion. Why won’t the Legislature talk about it? Signed, [Your Name]

how do I choose a newspaper to submit the letter to?

Click here to use our list of Kansas newspapers to choose a Kansas newspaper to submit to. If the name of the newspaper is already crossed out, it means they have already published an LTE from this campaign. Please choose another newspaper.

How do I submit the letter to the editor?

Each newspaper will have its own method for submitting LTEs. Some will have you email your LTE to an email address; others may have a form on the website to fill out. If you aren’t sure how to submit the LTE, we recommend checking the paper’s website or calling their office to find out.

What do I do after I submit my lte?

Click here to fill out this form and let us know that you have submitted an LTE. This will help the Alliance look for it. Additionally, if you hear back from the paper about when it will be published, send us an email and let us know.

i have more questions about submitting an lte. what should i do?

Feel free to reach out to the Alliance with any questions you might have about this process. You can reach our Advocacy Specialist, Taylor Morton, by emailing or calling 785-861-7890.

Do you have any other resources to help me learn more about writing letters to the editor?

Yes! The following video is one of our Advocacy Training modules and can help you learn more about how to use LTEs for advocacy: