Steps to Expansion Step 2

step 2: push for a hearing

Step 2 of the “Steps to Expansion” initiative is focused on contacting legislators and demanding a hearing for the KanCare expansion bills HB 2415 and SB 225. As always, if you have any questions about this initiative, you can contact our Advocacy Specialist, Taylor Morton, or (785) 861-7890.


  1. If you haven’t already, sign and share this petition announcing your support for KanCare expansion.
  2. Contact the following legislators and demand that House Bill 2415 and Senate Bill 225 receive a hearing.
    1. Senator Beverly Gossage, Chair, Senate Committee on Public Health & Welfare (for SB 225) –
    2. Representative Troy Waymaster, Chair, House Appropriations committee (for HB 2415) –
    3. Your Kansas House Representative – If you aren’t sure who your representative is, click here to look it up
    4. Your Kansas Senator – If you aren’t sure who your representative is, click here to look it up
  3. Write a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper. Use the video in Resources (below) to get started. You can also check out this resource from the University of Kansas for more on writing a Letter to the Editor.
  4. Invite 3 friends to reach out to their legislators too.


  1. Encourage your base to complete the steps listed above – urge their legislators for a hearing on HB 2415 and SB225. You can use the Communications resources on this page to help.
  2. Contact your legislators (as an organization) and ask for a hearing on KanCare expansion legislation.
  3. Share your support for a KanCare expansion hearing on social media using our Steps to Expansion mini-toolkit in the next section.


Organizations and individuals are welcome to use the following social media graphics on their accounts. To download the graphic, click on the link, then right click and choose “Save image as…” On a Mac, click the link, then use Ctrl + click on the image to save.


2023 Briefing Book on KanCare Expansion
2022-2023 KanCare Expansion Advocacy Toolkit

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Advocacy module: Writing Letters to the Editor