Statement from April Holman, Executive Director of the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas, on Governor Kelly’s State of the State

Since 2014, Kansans have demanded the Kansas Legislature and our Governor expand access to affordable health care and bring our tax dollars back home by expanding KanCare, the Kansas Medicaid program. With a supportive governor and a new Legislative session underway, we can make that happen.

In Governor Kelly’s speech tonight, she spoke on her vision of making Kansas a state where all can succeed — and that includes expanding access to KanCare. She committed to bringing together a bipartisan working group who will be charged with finalizing a plan for expansion, which the Governor will deliver to the Legislature by Kansas Day.

“I can imagine no better way to celebrate our state’s 158th birthday than by embracing a policy that will make every Kansas community healthier, stronger and more secure.”  — Governor Laura Kelly

Governor Kelly made it clear that she sees KanCare expansion as a vital part of saving our rural communities, keeping Kansans healthy, and bringing hundreds of millions of our federal tax dollars back home.

The time is now for the Legislature to work together this session with Governor Kelly to Expand KanCare.

While past Governors have allowed Kansas to forfeit more than $3 billion in federal tax dollars since 2014, Kansas still has the opportunity to expand KanCare, and with a new governor and Legislature we can make it happen this year — Kansans deserve this from our leaders.

Tonight was an encouraging step forward — let’s keep the momentum going and urge lawmakers to do what’s right for Kansas and expand KanCare. The first step is adding your name here.

Thank you,