Statement on the AHCA Bill Reveal

Statement from David Jordan, Executive Director of the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas, on the release of United States Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act earlier today:

The  Senate version of the  American Health  Care Act is bad for all Kansans but it is especially bad for rural Kansas, children, people with disabilities and seniors.

The Senate bill cuts Medicaid significantly more than the House version leading to over one billion dollars in cuts for Kansas.  These cuts will harm the state budget and will restrict services for Kansas children, people with disabilities and seniors.  Hospitals, nursing homes and other providers will receive less money in payments for their services and they will be at increased risk of closure.  Rural health care and rural communities in Kansas will be devastated by the Senate plan.

The health care proposal will also further hamper our state’s economy.  The AHCA will result in the loss of over 5300 jobs in Kansas and the loss of over $500 million in gross state product.  Policymakers should be working on policies to grow Kansas’ health sector and protecting our rural providers, not doing harm.

Additionally, under the Senate proposal premiums will become less affordable for Kansans purchasing insurance in the private marketplace while deductibles will become higher.  At the end of the day, more Kansans will be uninsured and struggling with Medical debt and bankruptcy because of this policy proposal.

The bottom is that this bill harms Kansans and the Kansas way of life.  Hardworking Kansans will pay more money for less comprehensive care.  Kansas cannot afford the Senate’s health care plan.