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Are you among the thousands of Kansans who can’t get access to quality, affordable health care? Or are you a Kansas employer who wants a healthier, more productive work force? Share your story.

Kansas Stories: Sarina LeMay-Smith

“I have not been able to get my meds when I don’t have insurance. I could tell that I really needed my medication. I got sick and couldn’t go to the doctor. I am on immunosuppresants and it took me a long time to get better.”

Late last year, Sarina LeMay-Smith of Wichita was laid off from her job at Via Christi Ascension in Wichita, which meant that her family lost their health insurance coverage. Thoughts about what could happen, both physically and financially, crossed her mind as a mother of six and someone with rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. READ HER STORY.