KanCare Expansion Rally and Press Conference Set for May 9

A rally and press conference is planned for May 9 at the Kansas Statehouse to kick off a statewide grassroots campaign in support of KanCare expansion. The campaign will help organize voters and leaders in communities across the state to help elected officials see that a large majority of their constituents support KanCare expansion.

    WHO: Alliance for a Healthy Kansas and its members

    WHEN: 1:30 – 2:00 p.m. May 9

    WHERE: Room 582-N, Kansas Statehouse

    WHAT: Rally and press conference to launch campaign to expand KanCare

“Yet another year has gone by without expanding KanCare—our state cannot afford to delay action any longer,” said David Jordan, executive director of the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas, which is spearheading the campaign. “Polls show that 76 percent of Kansans support a budget-neutral KanCare expansion plan, and a majority of legislators might, too. But legislative leadership continues to block a vote or even discussion on how KanCare expansion would benefit our state.”

Since the landmark Supreme Court ruling in June 2012, states have had the option of expanding their federally funded Medicaid programs, which in Kansas is called KanCare. Expanding KanCare would extend health coverage to 150,000 low-income citizens, help struggling rural hospitals, create thousands of jobs, and return hundreds of millions of tax dollars back to our state every year. So far Kansas has given up $1.1 billion in federal funds when our state economy could sorely use it.

Join us to show lawmakers how important KanCare expansion is for the state and for Kansans.

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