Topeka Capital Journal: Kansas nuns urge Legislature to pass Medicaid expansion

By Sherman Smith | Feb. 25, 2020

Seventy-six Kansas Catholic nuns have signed a letter to legislators urging them to pass Medicaid expansion as a desperately needed life-saving benefit for suffering Kansans.

The call to action, dated Tuesday, confronts lawmakers locked in a stalemate over Medicaid expansion and the House’s failure earlier this month to secure a public vote on a constitutional amendment on abortion.

The nuns say it is “deeply immoral” for anyone to go without medical care, and “we cannot allow anyone to suffer because of their inability to pay.”

“Expansion increases access to high-quality care for those who would otherwise go without health care,” they wrote. “We implore you to approve Medicaid expansion because we cannot wait any longer to give Kansans the care they so desperately need.”

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