Leavenworth Times: Let’s not let a bipartisan, Kansas solution on KanCare expansion slip away

By Vallerie L. Gleason | Feb. 25, 2020

It is time for a renewed conversation about KanCare expansion. This year is clearly the most significant progress we have seen on expansion to date. Finally, collaboration efforts led by the state’s Republicans and Democrats broke some ice. This year we have the opportunity to pass legislation that is a true compromise. It’s legislation that will return significant federal tax dollars back to Kansas – creating jobs, boosting our economy, protecting hospitals and improving the health of Kansans.

Last year, KanCare expansion legislation passed the Kansas House of Representatives. This January, Republicans and Democrats got together and introduced a Kansas solution to expand KanCare in the Kansas Senate. It includes several innovative solutions, such as a pathways to work program, a premium assistance program, and a rural hospital transformation program. This legislation incorporates personal responsibility through monthly premiums. It includes a 1332 waiver reinsurance program that intends to reduce health insurance premiums for the middle class on the health insurance marketplace.

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