Expanding KanCare can reduce need for foster care

By Christie Appelhanz | June 28, 2019

When we talk about the reasons to expand Medicaid (KanCare) in Kansas, most supporters mention boosting insurance rates or economic incentives. Those are valid, worthy reasons to expand KanCare eligibility. But when people ask me why I advocate for it, I think about Kansas children in or at risk of entering foster care.

Children in state custody, as you may know, are already covered by KanCare. That’s a good thing because they face greater health needs because of their exposure to trauma caused by abuse, neglect and parental substance use disorders. But, because Kansas hasn’t expanded KanCare, mom and dad often have to go without routine preventive health care.

It’s heartbreaking — and it’s threatening stability for our children who are already uniquely vulnerable.

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