Governor Laura Kelly’s Commission on Racial Equity and Justice Releases Recommendations Inbox

Dec. 10, 2020

TOPEKA –Governor Laura Kelly today announced that her Commission on Racial Equity and Justice has released to the public their initial report on law enforcement and policing in Kansas.

In June of 2020, Governor Laura Kelly signed Executive Order No. 20-48, establishing the Governor’s Commission on Racial Equity and Justice. The Commission was tasked with studying issues of racial equity and justice in Kansas. It began its work focusing on law enforcement and policing.

“I’m proud to see that the Commission has engaged with so many diverse communities and stakeholder groups across Kansas to compile recommendations that get to the heart of these issues,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “I implore legislators and law enforcement agencies across the state to take a close look at these recommendations and see how they can create real change for the communities they serve.”

The governor appointed a diverse group of professionals from law enforcement, academia, public education, public health, local government, the justice system, and more to spearhead the Commission’s work. Over the past five months, the Commission met with dozens of stakeholders, community members, and law enforcement professionals across the state and collected input for recommendations on improving law enforcement interactions with the communities they serve.

Read the full report here.