Tools for Engaging Policymakers: Gathering Signatures

We need your help getting signatures for our petitions. It is critical that we show support for expanding KanCare.

To help do that we have created a petition. We will send these signed petitions to the Governor and to policymakers highlighting Kansans’ support for expanding KanCare.

There are several ways to you can help collect signatures and build support for expanding KanCare.

You can:

  • Email the online petition,, to friends, colleagues and members of your organization and ask them to sign
  • Share the online petition on Facebook or Twitter, and ask your friends to sign
  • Print the petition and collect signatures at local forums and public events.

Download Our Petition

If you are interested in collecting petition signatures, please let us know how many you hope to collect and email with your commitment to collect signatures as well as any scanned copies of signed petitions.