Tools for Engaging Policymakers: Calling Policymakers

Public support for expanding KanCare is overwhelming. However, policymakers need to hear from you about why you support expanding KanCare.

To ensure this happens, we encourage you to call your representatives to express support for expanding KanCare.

To help you with your conversations with elected officials, we have drafted a sample script for you to use. If you have any questions or need any other assistance before calling policymakers, please call us at 785-424-0779 and we can work on it together!

Here’s all it takes:

  1. Look up your legislator using the tool our partners at MainStream Coalition have launched.
  2. Please read the script below, review it and personalize it.
  3. After you’ve called your legislators, please share any feedback with the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas. You can email feedback to
Thank you for taking my call. My name is _________ and I live in _________, Kansas. I am one of your constituents.

I am calling to ask you to join more than 70 percent of Kansans and support Expanding KanCare.

If we expand KanCare in 2019, we can cover more than 150,000 Kansans, support our rural hospitals, and help the Kansas economy.

The time is now. We have already lost over $3 Billion since 2014 by not expanding KanCare. Governor Kelly said she wants to expand KanCare in 2019. I hope you will work with the Governor to make that happen.

Thank you for your time and your efforts to make our state a great place to live and work.