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It is critical that Kansans take an active role in informing their elected leaders about the need and benefits of expanding KanCare.

The Alliance for a Healthy Kansas encourages Alliance members and Kansans to actively engage elected officials on Kansas’ health insurance coverage gap and to discuss the importance of expanding KanCare.

There are four easy ways you can further action and discuss expanding KanCare with elected officials:

Calling Elected Officials

Sample scripts to contact elected officials to voice your support for expanding KanCare

Public support for expanding KanCare is overwhelming. However, policymakers need to hear from you about why you support expanding KanCare. To ensure this happens, we encourage you to call your representatives to express support for expanding KanCare.

Call policymakers in your district

Sign Our Online Petition

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Tell Governor Kelly and your elected leaders in the Kansas House and Senate that forfeiting over five billion of your tax dollars by not expanding KanCare doesn’t work for you.

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Expand KanCare Petitions

Print our petition and collect signatures, which we will deliver to policymakers

We need your help getting signatures for our petitions. It is critical that we show support for expanding KanCare. To help you do that we have created a petition. We will send these signed petitions to the Governor and to policymakers highlighting Kansans’ support for expanding KanCare.

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