Hosted by the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas & Indivisible KC

Senator Moran told us back in July if a healthcare bill isn’t good for Kansas, it isn’t good for him and he wouldn’t vote in support of it. We will hold him to his words and ask him to vote NO on Graham-Cassidy.

Graham-Cassidy bill will:

– end protections for pre-existing conditions,
– lead to more closings of rural hospitals,
– raise premiums on middle-class families,
– prevent veterans from access to affordable coverage, and
– end special education, both for kids with disabilities and kids designated as gifted.

For our attendees:
** Dress for the weather.
** Bring your own signs.
** Code of Conduct: We will engage in peaceful, civil discourse. All attendees are expected to be polite and respectful at all times. We DO NOT engage with counter-protesters.