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Since 2016, compassionate advocates and lawmakers have worked to develop a plan to provide affordable health care coverage for 150,000 Kansans who make too much for traditional Medicaid but not enough to qualify for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Expansion of KanCare has been voted down by a handful of lawmakers, but people of conscience across the state have refused to give up on our neighbors.

Kansas Interfaith Action believe that this is the year KanCare Expansion can happen, and that communities of faith throughout the state can help make it so. On the weekend of February 2nd we are asking churches, synagogues, mosques, etc all over the state to hold a “Medicaid Expansion Sabbath” to raise up this issue.

Activities can include everything from putting something in the bulletin, to tabling, to an adult ed session, to a raising up in prayer those who, only by virtue of their income, are going without health care again in 2020. How your community participates is up to you. But the more congregations that participate, the more impactful it would be.

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