Call Senator Jerry Moran on June 27th!

After weeks of writing their bill behind closed doors, politicians in the US Senate will debate and vote on their version of the Healthcare proposal before the end of June.

Our call to action is for Kansans like you to call Senator Jerry Moran on June 27th to encourage him to vote “no” on any proposal that:

  • Kicks millions of Americans off health insurance
  • Brings back pre-existing conditions and lifetime limits
  • Makes deep cuts to Medicaid, ending Medicaid as we know it and our opportunity to partner with Congress to expand KanCare

Encourage Senator Moran to vote against any and every attempt to pass a healthcare plan that makes coverage less affordable for millions of Americans. This bill cuts health care for the most vulnerable Kansans to pay for hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy. Tell Senator Moran this is unacceptable.

Click here for a script to review and personalize.