Last week, the North Carolina Senate passed a bill to expand their state’s Medicaid program with nearly unanimous support from both Republicans and Democrats. For years, North Carolina has been one of a dwindling number of states – along with Kansas – to refuse expansion despite growing public support.

For the past eight years, key leaders in the North Carolina Legislature have refused expansion, mostly because of manufactured concerns about cost. Does that sound familiar?

But now North Carolina Senate Republican leaders are admitting that Medicaid expansion would be beneficial to the state. “Medicaid expansion has evolved to the point that it’s good state fiscal policy,” said North Carolina state Senator Ralph Hise.

If North Carolina leaders can finally acknowledge the benefits to expansion, what is keeping their counterparts in the Kansas Legislature from seeing the light?

When leaders in another state finally come clean, they make it clear that Kansas policymakers opposing Expansion are manipulating facts and purposely ignoring the will of their constituents.

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