Sign on to ensure Kansans have access to the affordable healthcare they need.

Costs are rising and Kansans are paying more to take care of themselves and their families, especially their health.

More than 165,000 Kansas residents lack basic access to healthcare through their employers, and are working jobs that don’t pay enough to buy private coverage.

But in Kansas, a family of three that makes more than $8,345 per year makes too much to qualify for KanCare, our state’s Medicaid program.

As a result, far too many of our Kansas neighbors go without treatment and medicine until their health is in crisis, meaning more ER visits and medical debt.

This affects our doctors and nurses in every Kansas community. It threatens our hospitals. And it means higher costs across the board for both insured and uninsured Kansans alike.

Our Legislative leaders have a chance to solve this problem, but they need to hear from us.

The Kansas Legislature has the chance to expand KanCare in 2022, closing the coverage gap and investing in our state.

Sign the Healthy Kansas petition today to let policymakers know you support KanCare expansion!