This week the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was signed into law.

This is an important piece of legislation that will cut prescription drug costs and lower health insurance premiums for millions of Americans, along with other tax and climate change provisions.

We are so glad that members of Congress and the White House recognize the importance of affordable health care, and we applaud this legislation that will ensure more accessible health care for some.

But unfortunately, there are still thousands of uninsured Kansans that don’t have access to affordable health care. The IRA originally included a provision that would have closed the coverage gap in Kansas, but that piece was not included in the final bill signed into law.

Now it’s time for Kansas policymakers to recognize the importance of affordable health care for all our citizens.

Statewide polling shows that 78% of Kansans want KanCare expanded. Kansas is only one of 12 holdout states that haven’t expanded yet – and several of those 12 states are making active progress towards expansion now.

Tell Kansas policymakers that now is the time to listen to the people.

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