The Kansas Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee has unanimously advanced Senate Bill 38 – Medicaid expansion – to the full Senate. As the Majority Leader in the Kansas Senate, Senator Jim Denning sets the debate calendar and is responsible for this bill’s future right now.

Will you call your Senator and ask that they urge Senator Denning to let the full Senate debate Senate Bill 38?


    1. Look up your legislator using the tool our partners at MainStream Coalition have launched.
    2. Please read the script below, review it and personalize it.
    3. After you’ve called your legislators, please share any feedback with the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas. You can email feedback to


Thank you for taking my call. My name is [ ] and I live in [ ], Kansas.

I am calling to ask you to urge Senator Denning to add Senate Bill 38 to the debate calendar for the Senate.

      • Expanding KanCare will close the coverage gap for tens of thousands of Kansans who earn too much to qualify for KanCare today, but but too little to qualify for financial help to buy private insurance.
      • Without expanding KanCare our hospitals and providers will continue to struggle with the burden of providing uncompensated care.
      • And we’ve forfeited over $2 Billion of our federal tax dollars that Kansans have put into expansion that could have supported jobs and economic impact in Kansas communities. Enough is enough.

Bottom line: Expanding KanCare is good for Kansas and Kansans. I urge you to demand that the full Senate debate and vote on Senate Bill 38.