The Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal bill currently being considered in the U.S. Senate will roll back many of the ACA’s consumer protections. It will make working families and the most vulnerable pay more for less and will once again put insurance out of reach for many older Kansans and those with pre-existing conditions.

That’s just wrong.  In addition, Graham-Cassidy will lay the foundation for devastating cuts to KanCare and prohibit Kansas from expanding the program to cover hardworking Kansans, protect our hospitals, and grow our economy.

To ensure Senators Moran and Roberts understand the stakes for Kansans, we encourage you to call their state offices and tell them Graham-Cassidy will hurt Kansans.

Find the contact info for our Senators below.

Office CityOffice Phone
Pat RobertsDodge City620-227-2244
Jerry MoranHays785-628-6401
Jerry MoranManhattan785-539-8973
Jerry MoranOlathe913-393-0711
Pat RobertsOverland Park913-451-9343
Jerry MoranPittsburg620-232-2286
Pat RobertsTopeka785-295-2745
Pat RobertsWichita316-263-0416
Jerry MoranWichita316-631-1410

Call our United States Senators.

Thank you for taking my call.My name is [ ] and I live in [ ], Kansas.

I am calling to talk to you about an issue that is critical to me as a constituent and to many in our community: health care.

I am asking you to protect our interests in Kansas: Vote against Graham-Cassidy or any plan that makes coverage less affordable for millions of Americans and your constituents here in Kansas.

  • Americans want Congress to improve the healthcare system. But this bill cuts health care for the most vulnerable Kansans to pay for hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy.
  • Every version of ACA repeal kicks millions of Americans off health insurance and brings back the threat of pre-existing conditions and lifetime limits.
  • By ending Medicaid as we know it, you would hurt our ability in Kansas to protect the disabled and elderly, not to mention end our opportunity to partner with Congress to expand KanCare and cover hundereds of thousands of Kansans in the coverage gap.

I want to encourage you to vote against any and every attempt to pass a healthcare plan that makes coverage less affordable for millions of Americans.

Thank you for your time and your efforts to make our state a great place to live and work.